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How Will I Know If A Computer/Laptop Is Good For Music Recording?

When someone asks advice about where to buy a good computer for music recording and mixing, many will simply suggest buying a Macbook Pro, and for those with the cash, and who are into the world of Apple, this is a good option. However, having a fruit emblem on your casing is not a guarantee of worry free audio. To get a high-quality Mac you’ll shell out well over $2K for the basic Mac Pro (With the needed upgrades, 7200rpm drive, and Warranty). Even the lower-end low-powered macs are expensive; and you will still find the experience of something like running ProTools, REAPER, or Logic a frustrating chore.

The standard Macbooks just don’t have the architecture to handle real-time audio processing. (Neither do most ‘standard’ PC’s). If you were to shell out the same amount of cash for a PC that you do to purchase a Macbook Pro, you could easily afford one of the high-end ‘Engineered-For-Audio’ PC computers, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

If you purchase a specialized Audio-Computer of the PC version, from Creation Station, PC Audio Labs,  ADK Pro Audio, or the like, you’ll pay Continue reading