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Prepare for a great recording.

It all starts with a great song!

I’ll work with you to craft your vision for your songs.
Prepare your music to be shared with the world; Liberate your music!

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Recording Services:

Delta Vista Studio brings years of recording experience to match you and your instrument to the right microphone and character of sound, allowing the capturing of the emotion and the story of your project. Record in a relaxed and encouraging environment and capture the excitement and energy of your best performance. You can choose to work from virtually anywhere, giving you recording, editing, and mixing services delivered to your specifications.

Editing Services:

Editing can seriously enrich and tighten up a mix, helping it to sound polished and more professional.
General tightening and light tuning can remove distractions that prevent the listener from further engaging with the artist. I will strive to remove the distractions, but be careful to leave in the beauty and the elements that help make the song human, and personable.

Ask about Delta Vista Studio Re-Amping Services, Multitrack Drum Quantization (Recorded drum corrections), Drum Sample Replacement, and Drum Programming services.

Mixing Services:

After thoughtful recording and careful editing, the proper mixing of a track can make all the difference. Every song is different; so every mix is different.

Mixing is as much art as it is science. Through the balancing of elements, the manipulation of tone and dynamics, and the orchestration of space I strive to enhance the natural bond between the musician and the listener. My aim is to allow the listener to hear and feel the final product in the artist’s intended way.

Other Services:

Live Event Recording

I can Record, Edit, and Mix your next Live event, Demo, or EP Release.

Voice-over and Pod-cast recording and editing.

I can Record, Edit, and Mix multiple elements into a podcast ready track for you.

Mix Consulting

When you want to mix and master yourself but need a little help to know you are pointing in the right direction. I can offer as much or as little help as you need to help make your project successful. I can come to you, or you can bring your project to my studio. Charged at my regular hourly rate.

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Custom Backing Tracks

Contact Delta Vista Studio to work out all of the details. I can add as many live instruments, and/or virtual instruments as you need, in a variety styles and timbres.

With our online services, I can work while you play, freeing up your time between gigging, working a day job, and having a personal life. Click here to Contact Delta Vista Studio and let’s talk about your needs and goals.


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* Mastering services available upon request (I am not a professional Mastering Engineer)

**Ask about our 15% discount for qualified referrals!