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Book a quick-turnaround “Actor Service” 30-minute audition recording session with just 1 days notice.

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Prior To Recording

By Cliff Goldmacher As a result of recording and producing literally hundreds of demos, I’ve learned that it is always better to “Prepare and Prevent” than to “Repair and Repent.” Here are a few steps you can take to help make your demo recording experience more successful. Song Preparation: It may sound obvious but make […]

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Analog or Digital Recording Equipment?

The debate over using analog tape, warm tube compressors and enhancers vs. precise, high-performance digital recording equipment will likely continue to be a hot topic. I submit that nothing can perfectly reproduce the exact character and noise generated by analog recording equipment. Though many would claim beforehand they can easily tell the difference between a […]

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Which Computer for Recording?

When someone asks advice about where to buy a good computer for music recording and mixing, many will simply suggest buying a Macbook Pro, and for those with the cash, and who are into the world of Apple, this is a good option. However, having a fruit emblem on your casing is not a guarantee […]