Audio Mixing Services


Thoughtful mixing of your song can help guide the listener on an exciting musical journey.


My goal in mixing your song(s) is to bring out the best in your multi-track recording by adjusting levels, panning, and time-based effects (chorus, reverb, delay). Additionally, I’ll sculpt your arrangement to make sense of all your tracks in relation to each other.

Every song is approached individually, because I believe a mix must be tailored to the character of the artist and the song. I’ll strive to give each musical element the treatment it deserves in order to bring out the best of your musical vision.


What you will get when Delta Vista Studio mixes your song(s):

• An intentional listening session to take note of the strengths and weaknesses of each song
• Proper gain staging for maximum headroom and clarity
• Strategic EQ to help every track sit nicely in the mix
• Tasteful compression to create energy and balance
• Creative touches of reverb, delay, and other effects to enhance musicality and take your listeners on a journey

Because I’m the Engineer, there is no extra fee for an engineer. Delta Vista Studio is a home-studio, and I can work directly with you.


I will take your input, offer timely suggestions and work together with you to deliver the mix you have in mind.


Each song mixed includes up to two rounds of revisions (call-backs) based on your feedback. You will receive an initial mix, plus up to two additional revised mixes based on your specific feedback. I have discovered that this ‘three mix approach’ is a great way to get you just what you’re looking for in your mix. This works quickly and efficiently, and, in the end, everyone is happy.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for. Click on START MY PROJECT and let’s talk about your musical vision.


Professional Mixing $150/per song flat-rate, or $40/per hour, if you prefer the hourly rate for Mixing Services. | Up to two revisions included, (Additional revisions @$65 ea.) | Delivery of High-Quality WAV or MP3 file | *Stems are available at no additional cost (*If requested at time of service). Stems will be charged at $40 if not requested at the time of service.

Special ‘Day rates’ are available for recording/mixing sessions.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for. Click on START MY PROJECT and let’s talk about your musical vision.

*We require a 50% deposit to start on most projects, and smaller projects are paid in full before work is started. Rates are determined by the scope of the project and our availability. We can work with most budgets so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Every project is different and we’ll create an accurate and competitive quote for you.

* Additional Production meetings (beyond those included with your package), are billed on an hourly basis. The current hourly rate is $40. These would include additional meetings for with Producer, Contact Person, Management, etc.

If you have questions or concerns, Contact Us and we’ll get back to you the same day.