Audio Mastering Services

Mastering Services


Mastering can enhance the crucial elements in your mix(es) in order to intensify the listener’s musical journey. The process of Mastering involves a series of carefully executed steps, completed by a fresh pair of experienced ears under specially tuned acoustic conditions.


When Mastered, your tracks can sound their best, both as individual releases and in context with the other songs on your EP or album. *Caveat: I don’t consider myself a Professional Mastering Engineer. (As you can tell by my low prices.) 

These steps can include, but are not limited to:

• Custom EQ only as necessary to bring out on balance between songs, and a clearer mix of instruments
• Musical amounts of compression for even bass response and top-end sibilance
• Stereo widening and/or Mid-Side processing as needed for mix clarity (On rare occasion)
• A musical amount of gain for commercially viable tracks, while maintaining DR8 standards for dynamics, ensuring your tracks are competitive on all devices and on all music services
• Meta- data tagging of album art, CD-TEXT, and other track information
• Ordering, spacing and fading of tracks on your album or EP per your specifications

Because every project is unique, you will only pay for the actual songs you have Mastered. You’ll get Delta Vista Studio’s simple per-song, flat-rate approach for mastering your songs. This helps to ensure you won’t overpay, if you are having a “shorter” EP or album Mastered.

Your tracks will not released to anyone without your permission.

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$60/song flat-rate pricing. For Music Mastering Services.
20% discount for projects with 5 or more songs.
(I can do a great Master, but I do not consider myself a Professional Mastering Engineer)
The DDP File is included for free, upon request (*If requested at time of service).

We require a 50% deposit to start on most projects. Smaller projects are paid in full. Rates can often be augmented by the scope of the project. We can work with most budgets so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Every project is different and we’ll create an accurate and competitive quote for you.

* Additional Production meetings/Consultations/Instruction (beyond those included with your package), are billed on an hourly basis. The current hourly rate is $40. These would include additional meetings for with Producer, Contact Person, Management, etc.

Click on START MY PROJECT and let’s talk about your Mastering Needs