Q: What’s your studio rate for recording?

A: Our rates are found on the Recording Services tab. Each project is unique and we are always willing to work within your budget. Please feel free to click the Contact Tab, and let’s get started planning your next project.
We won’t give out your personal info. We will generally get back to you the same day.

Q: When you say ‘day rate’, what is a “day” ?

A: A day is an 8-10 hour ‘lock-out’, wherever you want to record. But please be aware that engineers are people too! They need to eat, sleep, and take health breaks just like you! We leave time for a couple meal breaks in the day for everybody’s sanity.

Q: Does the hourly-rate include an engineer?

A: Yes, myself. My recording mixing certification, ongoing education, and experience is included in the price. Fill out our Project Planner and lets record/edit/mix/master your next Live event, Demo, Album or EP Release

We have a nice selection of Music Recording Equipment and years of training. Contact us to set up studio time. With our Mobile Music Recording Studio, we can also come and set up at your location, to capture your best performance. Recording music digitally gives us great flexibility in recording your event.

Mobile Recording Services include Music Mixer using Professional Music Mix Software and Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) to Record – Edit – Mix Your Next project. Mastering services also available.

Q: Does the Clock Stop For Repairs?

A: As great as it is to have cool gear to play with, in the unlikely event that any of our devices gets cranky or breaks down, you will not being charged for the downtime.

Q: Do you work weekends?

A: Of course. My time, like your time is subject to availability. Click on the Contact Page tab above and let’s schedule a time to meet and talk about the details.

Q: Can my band all play together and record at the same time?

A: Yes, they can! Having all musicians record simultaneously is a viable option. There are several methods to isolate each instrument, or you can choose to record everyone together in one room, with lots of options in between. We will often use a combination of live recording and overdub recording techniques, even for basic tracks. The more information you give us about your vision for your project, the better we can plan out the best and most efficient technique(s) for you.

Q: Does my whole band HAVE TO record at the same time?

A: Nope. We will often use a combination of live recording and overdub recording techniques, even for basic tracks. The more information you give us about your particular project, the better we can plan out the best and most efficient technique for you to get the sound you’re looking for.

Q: Why should I choose Delta Vista Studio?

A: A welcoming, convenient, laid-back atmosphere for making records. Our prices are affordable. Delta Vista Studio doesn’t have to maintain a large expensive power-hungry console, with racks of outboard gear that constantly need cooling and repairs; we don’t have a full-time staff or a high-rent office building to maintain. The result? We pass those savings on to you. In addition, we are mobile, and agile and offer the option of bringing the studio to you.

Q: How long will it take to complete my album?

A: This is a common and difficult question; the answer is dependent on a couple of factors: The number of basic tracks, overdubs and fixes, backing vocals, editing, and mixing, and optional mastering you request.

If you are recording a full-length album with “the works”, it could take up to several days per song, in overall time. However, we do have experience completing 3 to 5 song demos over the course of several hours, including mixing. The actual time will probably land somewhere between those two times.

The amount of time required really depends on how prepared you are, how complete your songs are, how perfect you expect your performance to be, and your budget.

*** The more effort you can devote, prior to recording, to completing your songs, and polishing your performance before you record, the better the overall recording is going to be.

We are able to work with your specific situation, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Q: What are the hidden costs?

A: No hidden costs. Includes up to 2 listening CDs and 2 Master CDs. We will store your digital files for up to one month after completion. We can also send you your original files via DropBox, Google Drive, Box, etc., for your archival storage.

You won’t be charged extra to use our available studio instruments. (Provided they are returned to us undamaged.)

Q: Can you Master my songs?

A: Yes, my rates are quite reasonable (I am not a professional Mastering Engineer). Click on the Services tab above and see the ‘Mastering Services‘ section for more information.

* Click on the Contact Page tab to email me so we can talk about your project.

Q: I don’t have a band, can you provide one?

A: If you’re a singer/songwriter and need accompaniment, Delta Vista Studio is in touch with several great sounding local musicians who can be hired to work on your projects, (rates vary per musician).

For a less-expensive option, I also have many great sounding samples and lots of MIDI experience.

In the long run, paying some great sounding players can be the most efficient way to make a great sounding recording. You’ll spend less time and money on editing and MIDI production, and have a more listenable recording when we’re done.

The rates for individual musicians may vary. We can usually work out a day-rate or project-rate for musicians.

* Click on the Contact Page tab to email me so we can talk about your project.

Q: Can you do music for film or radio spots?

A: Yes, whatever your recording need, we can get you great results. Click on the Contact Page tab and email us with your request and we will work out your project needs.

Q: Do you do voice-overs or video editing?

A: With our selection of professional-quality dynamic and condenser mics, we can record any dialogue needed and get you a clean, clear and dynamic recording. Delta Vista Studio can even come to your location to record, if necessary.

Q: I just want to record my single, can you do that?

A: Absolutely. You can choose between our hourly rate or our per-song recording rate.  Whether you’re “self-contained” and ready to go with you and your musicians, or if you need help finishing your song, finding musicians and producing. We can help you get it all together.

Q: What audio format does the studio use?

A: Most digital studios produce recordings in a WAV format. I can produce recordings in virtually any of the audio formats you desire. Just let me know what codec you desire for mixing, mastering and duplication purposes.

Q: Will I be charged extra for fixes?

A: Listening to a mix on different systems, and in different environments will emphasize different aspects of the musical spectrum. After your ears are rested and you’re in the environs of your home, or car, you may hear things you didn’t notice before. This is why we have the 3-mix policy. Before we master your song(s), you have 2 additional chances to have fixes and changes done. (Does not apply to demo recordings.)

Q: How does Delta Vista Studio store and back up the sessions?

A: I store your recording sessions on my hard-drives, and back them up to the Cloud. These files are only kept for one month after your session. If you desire a copy of the session files, I can upload them to your favorite file-sharing site, or you can provide your own hard drive as well, so you have a copy.

Q: Can I tour the studio?

A: Sure! We’re a neighborhood studio. But you are welcome to set up an appointment to come look at our facilities to decide whether Delta Vista Studio is right for your needs.

Q: We’re coming from out of town, what can we expect?

A: Click on the Contact Page with the details and we can talk about logistics. There are a number of nearby, modestly-priced hotels and there are several great restaurants in Walnut Creek, Concord, Lafayette, and Pittsburg.

OK, let’s book some recording/mixing time!

Fill out our Project Planner and we can set a time to meet with you and/or your band and get a good understanding of what you’re looking for. Once we are all on the same page we’ll book the studio time per your needs. (A payment of 50% is due at the time of booking; 100% payment for projects smaller than $100.) When the project is finished, the second half of payment is due. After payment is made in full, you will receive all of your completed high quality finished songs/tracks/masters/CD’s/USB drives needed, as per agreement.

Q: What if I have another question?

A: Click on our Contact Page tab and drop us a line. We’d be happy to answer all your questions promptly. We’ll generally get back to you the same day.

Q: I’m ready to get started! What is my next step?

A: Click on this link to fill out our Project Planner form. Let’s make it happen!