Delta Vista Recording Studio
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Delta Vista Studio continues to donate services to those in need. Below are a few ways DVS has contributed to the community.

NCAP Recordings – Delta Vista Studio (Formerly JAF Music Mix), for several years donated studio time to select young artists. Donating free studio time through charity donation to the silent auction at North Creek Academy and Preschool, in Walnut Creek, CA. Several students have had the opportunity to record original compositions, or covers of their favorite artist’s work.

These deserving students have received personal access to recording/mixing services from DVS. When finished, they’ve received a Mastered copy of their work. Giving them the opportunity to save an ‘archive’, or take a snap-shot of their musical achievement at this point in their musical growth. Working through the process from rehearsal, recording, mixing, and mastering can help to deepen student’s understanding and appreciation for music. It also has the added benefit of broadening their understanding of the music recording industry. Ultimately, we hope this will serve to grow their skills as a music performer.

Church Service Musical Recordings – Delta Vista Studio has offered free recording and mixing services, working along side select local churches in the Northern California area. Producing recordings of special arrangements of contemporary songs, traditional songs, hymns, and Christmas songs.

Delta Vista Studio also donates studio services to deserving Christian Artists, as a way of helping to further individual’s music ministries. DVS has recorded live concerts, as well as individual tracks for release and promotion. Having a well-recorded and mixed single to release and use for promo can give artists an advantage in their musical career.

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