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I am passionate about helping you realize your musical vision.


Delta Vista Studio Recording Editing Mixing Services
Delta Vista Studio Recording Services. One of the pillars of a great song is getting well recorded tracks.

You benefit from my formal music recording education combined with many years of training and experience. Together we aim to capture your best performance.

Record at my home-studio, or I will come to your location. It’s all about allowing you to record in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, while getting the highest quality capture.

Send me your tracks to produce and mix from virtually anywhere in the world.



Editing and Audio Restoration
Careful editing can bring out the beauty in your recordings.


I will do as much or as little editing of timing, timbre, and tuning as you request. Done correctly, editing is about a musical process that will enhance the character and enjoyment of your songs. Freeing your recording of things that could detract from the listening experience.

I will edit drum-hits, tighten timing, and align your drum tracks, or other instrument tracks upon request.





Delta Vista Studio Multi-track Mixing Services
The thoughtful mixing of your tracks can make a big improvement in the character and power of your songs.

Choose mixing services and simply send me your previously recorded tracks to have your songs completed. You will receive a professional sounding, radio-ready mix. I can also offer advice on your multi-track production.

My 3 mix process yields great results, you send me the changes and tweaks, I send you the updated files and in the end you have the track you envision.

Choose the option of working together from virtually anywhere via file exchange services like Box, Dropbox, email, live online services like Skype, Facetime, Google Chat, and other communication platforms. I will Produce your recordings, or I can work directly with your producer. (Production meetings are billed on an hourly basis.)



Delta Vista Studio has been about delivering results for over two decades (formerly JAF Music). My goal is to provide a great customer experience and listening experience for you and your fans.

I am passionate about high-quality music. Delta Vista Studio is committed to helping you realize your musical vision.

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