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Delta Vista Studio

Delta Vista Studio is here to help you realize your musical vision.

Choose to record in our studio, or with Online collaboration and mixing; record live, or on location with our Mobile Recording Services. We will capture and preserve your next music project or recording. Delta Vista Studio production, recording, editing, and music mixing uses professional music mix software, inboard/outboard utilities, and effects in Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). Our studio is designed to be tailored to fit your personal musical vision.

Bringing years of musical performance and recording skills, we offer experienced advice on your multi-track production, or we’ll simply follow your direction; you decide. Contact us to record, edit, and mix your music or spoken word. Let’s talk about how our studio can record, edit, and mix your next project.

We can work with you from anywhere in the world! Choose to come to our studio. Choose Online file-exchange services like Skype, Face-time, Google Chat, and other communication platforms to bring you several recording/editing/mixing services. Choose to have us come to your location. It is all a part of helping you to complete your vision. Click on the Start Your Project button below, and let’s plan for your next project, CD, or EP release.

We’re here to help you record and produce your unique sound. We want to help you set your music free. We’re here to help you get your music heard.

As the owner of Delta Vista Studio, I am a recording and mixing musician. I’m continually improving and building upon my skills in recording and the use of sound shaping tools. My goal is to elevate your music and bring your sound to the next level.

Delta Vista Studio serves to connect people with their audiences through the crafting of powerful, professional sounding recordings. We exist to help you, the artist take the listener on an engaging journey. We’ll work with you to create the recordings you envision, while maintaining high standards of value and professionalism.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for. Click on the Start Your Project button and let’s get started!

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